Opening keynote

Tuesday, May 17
8:45 a.m – 10:00 a.m. 

Plan D – Empowering Disruptors

Mike Maddock

Mike Maddock

Entrepreneur, best-selling author, CEO coach @theideamonkey

What do Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Walt Disney have in common? They are all Disruptors, which means they know how to blow sh** up for the good of the whole. Do you?

Boxer Mike Tyson famously said, “Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the mouth.” Today, the leaders we serve are being “punched in the face” by the confluence of game-changing technology, aggressive entrepreneurs, and impatient consumers. So, how do Disruptors respond? They ask and answer three questions that allow them to put an even bigger dent in the universe.  

Maddock calls himself an Idea Monkey because he loves to solve problems with disruptive ideas. This passion for problem solving has driven Maddock to establish 7 successful businesses, including innovation and strategy consultancy Maddock Douglas which has helped more than 25% of the Fortune 500 create and launch new products, services, and business models. Mike is a contributor to Forbes and author of four bestselling books. His latest book, Plan D, shares how Disruptors use their superhero powers to put a dent in the universe.  

Key Takeaways: 

  • Learn how to create a balanced, innovative team. 
  • Learn the difference between an inventor and an innovator (and why it matters).
  • We all have blind spots. Learn how Disruptors turn this reality into an unfair competitive advantage.


Closing Keynote

Wednesday, May 18
8:45 a.m – 10:00 a.m. 

Distinguishing Your Mission and Vision Through Storytelling

Raika Reynolds

Rakia Reynolds

Founder and executive officer of Skai Blue Media  @RakiaReynolds 

Do you know the importance of distinguishing your vision and mission through storytelling? There is one word that sums up the most necessary skill for successful thought leaders today – “storyteller.” In today's climate, nothing is more important than the ability to connect, motivate, and lead people. Often brands get caught up with the success of their product and forget that with the right story, marketing, sales, and even customer service, they can create a new level of authenticity with current consumers and attract a new audience. Reynolds leads this powerful talk with the lessons that she has imparted on her name brand clients as they navigate the new normal and stand out from the crowd. 

Rakia Reynolds is a thought leader, taste maker, and branding expert who advises name brands on creative strategy. Her guiding principles as an intriguing storyteller focus on distilling equity in messaging, and her ability to navigate the ever-increasing complex cultural and social media landscapes are only some reasons Rakia has successfully created her own distinct brand of authenticity and expertise for over 15 years. Rakia has been named by Inc. Magazine as one of the 27 Business Leaders Aiming to Change the World, one of the 25 Most Socially Influential Tastemakers on Dell’s “Inspire 100” list and was recently profiled on Forbes’ “Next 1000” list. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Humanizing your brand both internally and externally is now just as important as creating an unforgettable customer experience. 
  • If the personality of your company accurately reflects a true set of values and passions, you’ll organically attract an audience whose core ideals align with those of your brand. 

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